The X stands for experience

We started The Ellwee because we had a dream of a better world. Where cities are built for people, not for cars.

The Ellwee is the first green, affordable, multi-purpose vehicle, that seriously challenges traditional transportation and thinking. You can choose color and accessories that suits your individual needs. The Ellwee has a manufacturing process that is based 100% on modular assembly. This ensures lean production, speedy delivery and on-demand customer based solutions. In fact, that the Ellwee is so advanced, that it is more similar to a car than your average scooter.

We have employed top class engineers with experience from Volvo and Saab to develop a truly unique vehicle. We deploy reliable and tested technology originating from the heartland of the automotive industry in Sweden. The Ellwee features a patent pending rear pivot axle that minimizes wear and tear on the surface and optimizes the overall experience.

So, if you are in the business of providing a fun and safe experience – you should definitely consider The Ellwee.

The Ellwee X Golf

The Ellwee X Resort