Head Coach & Expert
in swing biomechanics & player development

Andrew Malley has been a qualified member of the PGA of GB+I for 35 years A career that is defined by his specialisation of swing biomechanics and player development at some of the finest golf academy’s in Europe. He has led countlessplayers from childhood to the professional game, including the European Tour and US University Scholarships. 

This has led to his current position of National Coach of Slovakia and head and founder of the Swing Fitting Program at the PG Golf and Sports Academy in Marbella. 

Fluent in both English and German, Andrew combines enormous technical knowledge and state of the art technology with the skill of adapting this information in to easy to understand feel based methods to all players regardless of ability . 

With his friendly welcoming personality and the guarantee of improvements, learning and training with Andrew and his specialist coaching staff is a unique experience, not to be missed by all levels of players.




Ladies European Tour

I met Andrew in 2016 during the Qualifying school in Morocco.. We started the cooperation straight after my unsuccessful final stage. Within a year he helped me to improve my game and got my golf to a completely different level. In the end of the year 2017 I’ve obtained the full card to the Ladies European Tour and my life has changed forever

After a many years of collaboration I’m still amazed by Andrew’s knowledge and dedication in helping players all over the world to achieve theirs dreams.

Without Andrew’s work I would never be where I’m now. He is always there for me helping me during the good times and also the tough times to be the best version of myself.

I can’t describe how thankful I’m to have a coach like Andrew is. I can highly recommend him to the any player who wants to achieve greatness

He’s a truly special coach with a big heart on the right place.


Texas A+M University ( Top 10 US Team)

Andrew Malley has coached me in his development program from my childhood up to today where we have focused on every single aspect of my game, including all the excellent necessary technical physical and mental skills I needed for my dream of securing a US Golf Scholarship and later the LPGA Tour .

The name Andrew Malley rings a bell all around the golf world, and especially with US University Coaches, who have complete trust in reaching out to him for new recruits to their teams. Andrew has huge experience in helping players choose the right university ,Including the process of selecting the university to suit each individual.
My process was long and thorough, and we worked as a team discussing every step together. Finally, I committed to Texas A&M and I believe it was a great pick for me.

Thank you Andrew for everything you have done for me you are the best Coach I can imagine!!


Denver University

I have been coached by Andrew from 15 years old ,and in this time we have built my swing and short game technique and developed my performance to elite level .

Through my tournaments results including 4 times consecutive Slovak Amateur Champion I was able to climb the WAGR ,and was recruited by Denver University on a golf scholarship .

Andrew helped and advised me through the entire recruitment process to make sure we made the best pick for me ,and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew to any Junior golfer with ambitions to play college golf or turn pro he is a great coach.

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