Want to hit harder, farther, better?

Try Bal.On Smart Kit.
  • Live video analysis
  • Instant Coaching Feedback
  • 18 Force  Sensing Resistors
  • Ultra-then 2mm insoles

BAL.ON, a new venture of Continental, has launched its product, the BAL.ON Smart Kit, as of 17 October 2022. Combining Continental’s machine learning competences, our savviness in printed electronics, and a sizable passion for golf, the team has crafted a smart training gear to change the way golfers work on their game forever.

The BAL.ON Smart Kit consists of two pressure soles, two smart pods and a smartphone app. It enables golfers to get real-time analysis and instant feedback on a variety of swing metrics whenever and wherever they need it. BAL.ON not only works as an independent product to help golfers improve their swing, but also allows coaches to stay closer to their students when they can’t be around in person.

BAL.ON lets golfers see the unseen

In addition to the pressure data from the BAL.ON insoles, the smartphone app utilizes highquality video footage captured with a golfers’ smartphone. With image recognition models and machine learning technology, BAL.ON makes details of power generation visible that would otherwise remain unseen. It helps golfer and coach detect those areas of the swing that leave the most room for improvement. Additionally, it even recommends individual drills to hone golfers’ swinging technique. The system’s portability and ease of use opens up completely individual timeslots for training.

Skimming the top end of the golfing market

“I’m incredibly grateful Continental’s capacity for high-tech solutions and openness for innovation sent us on our BAL.ON track,” says Felix Lindner, project head and BAL.ON cofounder “It’s great to see that data science and machine learning make players have more fun on the course, increase their confidence, and lead to measurable improvements in their game.”

Now available to try out and buy at Treeline Cafe

Or for more info please get in touch.

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