Get golf license Marbella

get your golf license at pg academy

get golf license Marbella

Get golf license Marbella

How to get golf license in Marbella, Spain. 

Becoming a member of the Federation means obtaining a license from the Federation. The license grants its holder the status of member of the Balearic Golf Federation and qualifies for participation in official local or state sports activities or competitions.

An amateur player’s sports license is required to practice golf in Spain, according to the rules of the Consejo Superior de Deportes and the legislation currently in force.

The license reflects three economic concepts:

  1. Compulsory civil liability insurance, which covers accidents that may occur during the practice of golf on duly approved courses.
  2. A fee corresponding to the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.
  3. A fee corresponding to the Balearic Golf Federation.

The validity of the federative license is based on the calendar year, that is, from January to December of each year. Therefore, when a new federation membership is begun, the validity of its license is established from that date until the 31st of December of the same year, with one single price that cannot be subdivided. The annual license fee covers the fee from January to December of each calendar year.

green card course

Get your Green Card and Golf License at the PG Golf Academy with one of our experienced international coaches.
You can choose to do this alone or with friends and you can also decide the speed at which you progress, whether you prefer to follow an intensive program or spread your lessons over a longer period of time.

What is Included
10 hour package
9 holes on course
Long game & Short game
Theory & On Course Test
Federated in Spain & play anywhere
+ € 80
Number of People Price Per Person
1 Person
€ 650
2 People
€ 400
4 People
€ 300

ADD ONS. We can also accommodate accommodation and transport/rental cars and other wishes the client might have.

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