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rent trackman 4 Marbella

Rent Trackman 4 in Marbella!

TrackMan 4 is the launch monitor of choice for the top players. It’s highly advanced, incredibly accurate and remarkably easy to use. It’s the go-to for the best.

Its golf launch monitor gives you all the data you need, is incredibly intuitive and seriously performance-enhancing. You won’t just improve. You’ll improve faster than you thought possible.

TrackMan 4 is unlike any other golf launch monitor. It uniquely combines incredible radar capability with high-end optics for data you can trust. It’s patented. It’s the complete solution.

TrackMan 4 has taken performance putting to a new era.

By reinventing club and ball data, TrackMan synchs club, ball and green with video for a seismic shift in how we analyze this critical part of the game.

It’s accuracy to a level never seen before, ending repetitive static practice and creating a dynamic environment for improvement.

Validate your feel. Putt better.

Your TrackMan is your companion whenever and wherever you want to work on your game. Validate your putting feel and practice anywhere with actionable data on club delivery, ball launch, speed control and green reading.

Improve your game!

All visitors to the PG Golf & Sports Academy are welcome to rent a Trackman 4 to help improve your skills.
Using Trackman 4 is the perfect way to up your game and is available to rent hourly at the PG Academy.

Alquiler de TrackMan 4 en PG Academy Tarifa
1 hora
€ 30
2 horas
€ 50
1 día
Trackman 4 Rental Package Tarifa
5 horas
€ 125
10 horas
€ 200

*Todos los dispositivos TM4 deben reservarse con anticipación en la Academia.
Depósito con DNI o Pasaporte requerido.
El usuario es responsable de los daños al dispositivo.

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