The PG GOLF & SPORTS ACADEMY introduces a new line of products, Golf Simulators by the prestigious brand TRUGOLF Simulators. We are official distributors for Spain & Portugal, with option to supply to most of Europe.

The TRUGOLF golf simulator is an entertainment system, aimed at golf enthusiasts and those who enjoy sports and having fun.

Our simulators allow you to play your favourite sport from the comfort of your home, office, company, hotel, club house, or wherever you choose. You can enjoy virtual play of more than 80 golf courses across the globe, several of them on the PGA circuit, as well as a selection of practice ranges, and the additional chip & putt modes.

In addition, each shot is subject to a SWING ANALYSIS, providing all the necessary feedback and data to practice and perfect your technique. You can also enjoy friendly competition with friends and see who has the longest drive, gets closest to the pin, or wins the whole tournament!

All this with maximum quality images, thanks to powerful projectors, high speed cameras and the most commercial software on the market E6 CONNECT. Now you also have the option to add to your simulator with MULTI SPORT, offering a wide selection of sports, including hockey, baseball, football, footgolf, bowling, frisbee, and more, making your simulator the biggest and best entertainment centre for all audiences.

Get acquainted with the different models, their technology and the myriad of advantages our software provides in our DIGITAL CATALOGUE

The PG GOLF & SPORTS ACADEMY service will guide you through the entire process, from the creation of your space, to installation, and the start-up of your simulator.

Together with a group of expert TRUGOLF advisors, we can help you design the space for your simulator. You will be provided with a full layout, so you can see how your simulator will look when installed in your facilities.

Our entertainment package allows you to add our new MULTISPORTS system to your simulator, making it a perfect tool for hotels,
shops, and leisure centres to engage all types of sports lovers.


For more information or a detailed quote, please contact us below or come visit us at our PG ACADEMY facilities,
where we will be happy to assist you with a personalised introduction to our TRUGOLF simulators.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call on + 34 648 74 75 25

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