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kids golf school Marbella

There’s no doubt that the Costa del Sol is one of the favourite destinations for golf lovers around Europe. But the aptly named Costa del Golf is also perfect for young players, offering academies providing classes from world-class teachers and golf activities for kids. Once again this year, the province of Malaga continues to be part of the Young Golf programme, treating young golf players to a whole host of benefits. We’ll tell you what the programme is all about and which courses on the Costa del Golf are part of the initiative.

Golf has countless advantages for the physical and mental development of children; it’s always good to get them started early! The Costa del Golf is an exceptional destination for families that love to play golf together. And beyond the incredible golf clubs, you will also find a whole host of leisure activities suitable for all the family, namely food and drink, culture, nature, amusement parks, paradise beaches, and more. Costa del Sol: the perfect location for a family golf holiday.

Competitive junior golfers play in high level competitions.

kids gold school marbella

One important part to help teach your kids is the importance of not getting mad or frustrated. So many young players get discouraged after a few bad shots and let those shots linger for several minutes or more. It’s important to teach them that no golfer hits every shot perfectly!

kids golf school marbella

PG Golf & Sports Academy is a fantastic place for kids to spend great time, play games, meet new friends, and learn golf.
We are happy to invite you to our Junior Golf School located at the PG Golf Academy just beside Atalaya Golf & Country Club .

The PG Golf Academy offer 3 levels of Junior program.

 Level 1 is a basic program from 5-16 years and will be during Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays during one hour and is mainly for beginners and players who is newly introduced to the golf.

Level 2 is a little bit more advanced to players who wants to expand their knowledge and level and will be during Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays during one and half hour practice. They will also be able to participate on tournaments together with the PG ACADEMY.

Level 3 is for the players between 12-16 years with a great ambition and with lot of talent who really like to take their game to a new level where they also will be educated in Physical, Mental preparation and also in Game strategy to improve their game on course.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays
Tuesday & Thursday
  • Price for 3 months Level 1 €180 and Ages form 5-16 years
  • Price for 3 months Level 2 €240 and Ages from 5-16 years
  • Price for 3 months Level 3 €500 and Ages from 12-16 years
  • All children once a month playing on the golf course in level 2 and in level 3.

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